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Copy editing - Available for both nonfiction and fiction

Eagle online Services provides three levels of copy editing:

BASIC COPY EDITING:  Proofreading, which involves correction of mistakes in spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation.

HEAVY COPY EDITING: Proofreading plus revisions, which involves such things as rewriting sentences and moving paragraphs, reviewing the logical flow or the piece, checking accuracy of references and footnotes, and editing tables

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: Includes both basic and heavy copy editing plus working with the writer throughout the writing process to assure coherence, completeness, and the accomplishment of the writer’s goals and objectives in the work.


This involves going through any document that requires indexing and compiling keywords into an index which readers can use to locate specific parts of the work and go to the relevant pages.  NOTE: This service is primarily for nonfiction and is rarely necessary, or desirable when it comes to fiction.


Eagle Online Services will provide background research for both nonfiction and fiction writing projects using online resources.  The basic cost for such research is available through our Pricing Page, but if we have to use data bases that require a fee, that will be added to the cost of the research.

Writing Instruction/Tutoring:

Eagle Online Services offers personal tutoring, critiquing and instruction to students and others wishing to improve their writing skills. 

Additionally, we have a collection of articles regarding various approaches to writing both fiction and nonfiction, which are provided to all who seek writing instruction, or tutoring.  These articles will soon be available for individual purchase online for modest fees. 


We rely heavily on internet communication supplemented by telephone consultation.  All writing can be shared by means of e-mail.  However, hard copy can also be provided by means of fax, or regular mail.  Verbal contact on the telephone is used to negotiate fees, to clarify client needs, and to assure client satisfaction.


When it comes to creative writing, we also prize simple and direct language, but we add imagery and evocative language to  enhance the richness of what is written.  In the process we employ an approach that takes into account genre (category of fiction, such as mystery/detective, romance, science fiction, and mainstream) and that considers the interactions between character, plot and theme

Writing Samples:

for a variety of writing samples.

  for fee guidelines for writing services 

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