Eagle Online Services is committed to providing a broad and diverse array of thoughtful, high quality, and cost effective services via the internet.

We are an association of professionals who know and have worked with each other for some time, and who posses a wide range of backgrounds, qualifications and expertise in a variety of areas, all of which we bring to the online community.  As a result of our diverse backgrounds, we can offer a number of different services. 



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Roger Russell, Ph.D., Founder and Senior Associate

Dr. Roger Russell is a retired college Professor of Psychology, who now works out of his home in Claremont, California.  His background includes many different activities and enterprises, which he contributes to all the different services available from Eagle Online Services.

Writer: His undergraduate degree B.A. is from Pomona, College in Claremont, California, where he majored in English, with an emphasis on writing. He has maintained an unabated and unabashed interest in writing since that time.


Website Development and Management:  He has become involved with website development and management for several years.  At this time, he has built and manages four websites (including this one) and has two under development.  Click HERE to see the work he has done. 

Other Interests and Activities: Over the years, he has had a broad range of interests and activities, including the following:


to see samples of things he's done.

Randy Skretvedt, Senior Associate

Above all, Randy Skretvedt is a highly creative, motivated person who has been self-employed his entire life working on a variety of projects, and providing his skills in consultation with others.  Throughout these years, his interest in vintage music, radio and film has shaped and directed many of his activities.  He currently works out of his home in Buena Park, California.

Writer: Perhaps first and foremost he is a writer--of books, of magazine articles, of film scripts, of CD booklet notes, and of radio scripts.  He has fully developed and honed his abilities as a wordsmith, and while his writing has primarily been in the realm of vintage music, radio and film, he brings his considerable skills to any and all writing projects.  His writing background includes the following:


for a sample from a book he's written and published (It will download and open as a Microsoft Word document)

Other Interests and Activities: This leads quite nicely into Mr. Skretvedt's second enduring love, radio broadcasting.

He studied radio broadcasting at Fullerton College.

He has a background in acting, which led to developing more voice characterizations than we can count, which he employs on the Sunset Review (his radio name is Randy Brian) which he cohosts with Roger Russell (see above), and for which he writes many scripts.

Since 1982, he has had his own radio program, Forward Into the Past, which also airs on KSPC FM, 88.7.

Deborah Adler, Ph.D., Associate

Dr. Deborah Adler is a psychologist who has devoted many years to helping people find direction and fulfillment in their lives.  She has been in private practice for more than twenty years.  Her current interests have been in helping people clarify their personal values and seek work and personal relationships that fit with their interests and skills, all of which she brings to the Personal Planning services offered here.

Hannah Russell, Associate

A recent graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, Hannah offer considerable experience in the realm of academics, and especially with regard to environmental studies.

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