WEB SITE CONSULTATION: Having a Presence on the internet

Internet use is up, and more and more businesses and organizations are finding it to be an excellent vehicle for publicizing and promoting themselves.

The associates at Eagle Online Services are available to assist with all forms of web presence.  We can help with web sites (creation, evaluation, management), with blogs, and more (such as, Facebook and MySpace pages).

What we provide:

FREE ADVANCE ANALYSIS AND COST ESTIMATE: We provide free analysis of all potential web site assistance, including costs for the various services that may apply.  See our Pricing page for web site consultation.

PREPARATION AND DESIGN: Consultation regarding the design and development of web sites, blogs and other forms of web presence, along with all the web pages that go with each of them.  This includes  recommendations regarding the overall design.  Such consultation includes outlining contents, connections between pages, graphics and text, and so on. 

CREATION: Creating and posting new web sites, blogs, etc.  After consultation, we are available to set up new websites on appropriate servers, including those that hosts sites for free, and those that charge for hosting.

HOSTING: Eagle Online Services can also host web sites and blogs on our own server space.

EVALUATION: Assessing existing websites and recommending potential improvements. 

MANAGEMENT:  Managing existing websites, which includes ongoing modification and updating per website owner's instructions.

Method of work:

We rely heavily on internet communication supplemented by telephone consultation.  All website design and website management is viewable either directly on the internet or by means of attachments to e-mail, which thereby allows clients to view and approve the work that is done.  Verbal contact on the telephone is used to clarify and assure client needs and satisfaction.

Our Approach to website design and management:

We believe that the best websites are the ones that appeal to and are easily used by the widest possible range of potential website visitors.  Toward this end, we advocate websites that are:

SPEEDY: Load quickly, regardless of the visitorís internet connection speed (dial-up, or broadband).  Consequently, while we do value graphics and animation and streaming, we keep them at a minimum for the sake of the visitor who doesnít appreciate the delay they may create (regardless of their connection speed), or who lacks the capacity to easily view them.    We believe in getting to the point as quickly as possible.

SIMPLE, CLEAR, VISUALLY ORIENTED: Direct and easy to read and comprehend, so the visitor does not have to wade through distracting graphics, or excessive text, to find out what the website has to offer.   We believe the content of a web page is just as important as the design; we've seen very impressive looking websites with unimpressive, sometimes incomprehensible content.

COST EFFECTIVE: We believe in keeping costs at a minimum.  We DON'T believe that when it comes to web design, you always get what you pay for, that the more bucks you spend, and the more razzmatazz your website has, the better it is.  Toward this end, we advocate:

Only using the higher tech graphics (such as animation) and audio elements (such, audio and/or video streaming) when they are clearly essential for the material being presented (such as, video showing how to use a product), and...

We can and have used such higher tech resources on websites (examples can be found on the websites listed below), but before doing so, all efforts should be used to find and employ adjunct and often free internet resources for doing the same job.

Samples: We believe in practicing what we preach, and use this approach on this, our own website.  We also use it with regard to other websites we designed and/or are managing:

to see a web site designed and maintained by Eagle Online  Services.

to see another web site designed and maintained by Eagle Online  Services.

to see another web site designed and maintained by Eagle Online  Services.

to see another web site designed and maintained by Eagle Online  Services.

to see another web site designed and maintained by Eagle Online  Services.

Terms of Service

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PAYMENT OPTIONS: If, after you have received our free analysis, evaluation and cost estimate, you wish to purchase our service, you will receive information about how to make your payment, either online, or by mail.  We accept PayPal for online payment.  You do not need to belong to Pay Pal to use i


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