ONLINE PROMOTION: Using the internet to get the word out  

The associates at Eagle Online Services are available to assist any who seek to reach the public via the internet, whether they do, or do not have a current web presence.

Such online promotion can take many different forms, depending on the situation for the business or organization seeking this service.

We offer free analysis and cost evaluation in advance for all prospective promotional services.


For those businesses or organizations that do NOT, as yet, have any online presence, we can:

Help create an online presence for anyone seeking to have one (see our Web Page Consultation page), and from there seek to publicize that presence, including what that business or organization has to offer the public.

Find ways to utilize the internet to promote any business or organization that does NOT (at this time) wish to, or plan to have its own website.  This includes helping internet users develop awareness of the business or organizations and how to contact them via telephone, and/or US mail, and/or e-mail.

For those business or organizations that already have an online presence

Eagle Online Services can assist in spreading the word across the internet, using a variety of resources we have developed, resources where information can be posted and disseminated, including links to the businesses or organizations existing websites

Types of Promotional Services offered:

E-mail information: Eagle Online Services can take on the task of e-mailing promotional material to appropriate recipients.  This is not SPAM, because each recipient will be e-mailed individually, and the e-mail specifically tailored to that recipient.  Such individual mailings do, of course, take more time and effort than mass mailings.

Post information: Eagle Online services can post information that promotes or publicizes our clients.  This can include such things as posting news releases on appropriate sites and posting event listings on calendars.

Develop information: Eagle Online Services can assist in writing the information that will be used to promote our clients.  This service is the same as that offered in our Writing Assistance.

Research: Eagle Online Services can provide online research to identify possible online sites for posting such things as news releases, event listings, website links, and e-mail contacts (not SPAM).  This is similar to the research provided in our Writing Assistance.

Terms of Service

  for Terms of Service, including procedures for contacting us for a free analysis and evaluation.

Payment Options: If, after you have received our free analysis, evaluation and cost estimate, you wish to purchase our service, you will receive information about how to make your payment, either online, or by mail.  We accept PayPal for online payment.  You do not need to belong to Pay Pal to use it. 


  for fee guidelines for online promotion services


to contact us and discuss how we can help.

These are the things that Eagle Online Services can do to provide online promotion.  What we cannot and will not do is mass internet e-mailing, otherwise known of as SPAM.

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