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Eagle Online Services provides five types of online promotion: e-mail to specified recipients (not spam), posting information on appropriate web sites, developing information to be posted, researching online resources, and writing information to be posted.   See Online Promotions page for further details.



As with most consulting businesses, the costs for our services are based on an hourly rate that depends on the level of expertise required, which varies according to the service sought.  The higher the expertise, the higher the hourly rate.  And the more hours involved, the higher the total cost.


NEGOTIATED IN ADVANCE (including free advance evaluation)

Fees are negotiated in advance and mutually agreed upon.  To arrive at the cost, we first determine and agree upon the nature of the service to be provided, the level of expertise required, and the projected amount of time.  The final amount may be based on actual hours spent on a project, or on a set fee arrived at in advance based upon a mutually agreed upon time commitment.

All fees are consistent with those charged by others in the field and they generally follow guidelines provided by any applicable associations or organizations.

The rates provided below should only be used as rough guidelines, because rates vary considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame of the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, and other factors.

As stated above, all rates are negotiated in advance on the basis of a discussion of the work to be done. 


Type of Work

Estimated Pace

Range of Fees


510 e-mails/hour



25 postings/hour



14 pages/hour



not applicable


Original Composition

13 ms pages/hour


NOTE: Development, Researching and Original Composition fee ranges are the same as those for all Writing Assistance


The pricing information provided above is a starting point.  Actual fees are negotiated after a discussion of the project and the nature of assistance Eagle Online Services will provide.

FREE ADVANCE EVALUATION: We provide free analysis of all potential online promotion, including costs for the various services that may apply.  Click below, fill out the form on our Contact Us page, submit it, and we'll provide a fee advance evaluation, including projected cost.


  for Terms of Service, including procedures for contacting us for a free analysis and evaluation.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: If, after you have received our free analysis, evaluation and cost estimate, you wish to purchase our service, you will receive information about how to make your payment, either online, or by mail.  We accept PayPal for online payment.  You do not need to belong to Pay Pal to use it. 


to contact us and discuss how we can help.

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