Assistance from Eagle Online Services is available under the following terms and conditions


Eagle Online Services provides consultation in regard to the use of the internet (web site consultation) and writing.  We reserve the right to refuse any project, or discontinue any project.  In the latter case, all payments will be refunded.

Those who pay for and receive our services are in no way obligated to use what we provide.  Those who do choose to use what we provide do so at their own discretion.

Eagle Online Services neither warrants, guarantees, nor is responsible for any outcome arising from what we provide.

All fees paid are nonrefundable, during or after our consultations, except in the event we choose to discontinue (see above).


With the exception of copyrighted materials on this website, and unless otherwise specified in a negotiated agreement with a client, Eagle Online Services holds NO copyright over the the content of any project (either concerning the internet, or written documents).  Unless otherwise agreed upon in advances, the copyright for  content prepared for customers of Eagle Online Services  is held by those who purchase our services.


Eagle Online Services will hold confidential any and all information from those who utilize our services.   We will NEVER share this information with anyone without written request and/or permission.


Eagle Online welcomes your inquiry, after which we will provide a free analysis and evaluation of any service that you seek.  You can reach us by email, telephone, or regular US mail.  For quickest results, fill out the form on our Contact Us page, submit it, and we will reply with our understanding of the project and what we can provide, plus our time and cost estimate. 

Whenever possible, we include a free sample of what we can do for a specific project.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: If, after you have received our free analysis, evaluation and cost estimate, you wish to purchase our service, you will receive information about how to make your payment, either online, or by mail.  We accept PayPal for online payment.  You do not need to belong to Pay Pal to use it. 

to contact us about your needs.

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